Scuba diving Sydney

What to do

If you want to do beach dives in Sydney, then you must look for a dive center that will best fit your needs. The best places to go for a beach dive are Bondi, Coogee, and Manly. After that, it is important that you learn how dive. These dive shops will assist you in learning how to dive. This will be a big help especially if you have never tried diving before. By practicing with these dive shops, you will be able to obtain a Professional Association of Diving Instructors certification, which is the basic diving certification. Sydney has beautiful waters, making it a great place to practice and upgrade your diving skills. Some of the advanced courses for diving are underwater photography, night diver, dry suit diving, deep diver, dive master, and even rescue diving. If you have learned how to dive and upgraded your skills already, then it would be best to have a recreational dive. This will make you see moray eels, nudibranchs, cuttle fish, blue groupers, Wobbegong sharks and many more. So what are you waiting for? Grab cheap flight to Sydney and enjoy!


One of the dive sites for the Manly Point in the Northern Harbor is the scuba diving Sydney Fairlight. If you want to experience great diving, then it would be best to visit Fairlight Crescent, Fairlight. From the city, you can reach this place just off the Lauderdale Avenue. This diving site is one of the most visited dive sites that divers go to dive.

Camp Cove

Camp cove is one of the most popular and most ridiculed dive points located in the southern part of the Sydney Harbor. This site is somehow bipolar, because it may have really spectacular sights or it may be in a very bad condition. This will all depend on the weather of the day. The disadvantage of this site is how the visibility drops right after the rain. However, even with little visibility, you will still be able to have a spectacular view as you take a dive in these waters. The beaches near these waters have luxurious houses that you have been dreaming of your entire life.

Basic Bare Island Right Dive

This dive site will start at 3 meters and will later on get deeper as you head north until you reach a small reef. Near the area, you will finally reach the main reef. As you dive towards the main reef, you will be able to see flounder, small rays, numbray, and large flatheads. You will also be able to reach a gutter with rocky bottom as you continue to dive in this spot.

Bare Island Dive Two

The second site of the Bare Island will start at the back left part of the island. First, you must go south until you reach the drop over the wall. As you dive in this area, you will see rocky terrains and a cave. There will be a lot of places you can explore in this site where you will be able to see different kinds of underwater wildlife. baby names